A multi culinary mark
From his years lived in Japan, Kei has learnt estheticism, verticality of constructions, colors' poetic harmony and delicate flavors.
Thanks to his French gastronomic background, he looks for the balance between sweet, salt and bitter flavors and between melting, mellow, crispy textures.
The result is a range of creative, rich and subtle compositions – where the different flavors offer a spontaneous and unique cuisine.

Salmon with a bitter sorrel cream, raw and cooked vegetables,
Mushroom broth and shrimps’ quenelles, chives and ginger,
Veal chop seared enough, eggplant caviar and herbs...
Take us into a permanent enchanting state.

Lunch menu :

Lunch Menu  for 78 €

Tasting Menu  for 150 €  

Prestige Menu for 240 €

 Horizon Menu for 320 €

Dinner menu :

Tasting Menu  for 165 €    

Prestige Menu  for 240 €

Horizon Menu for 320 €